What uniform pieces are required?

Every player is required to purchase:
2 player singlets, a black playing singlet and a red playing singlet. (also referred to as the "clash top")
Playing shorts, Reversible Red/black training top.
The total cost for this kit is $200.

Any other items are optional. These are often available in packages at the beginning of the season.

Can I pick my top number?

You can put in a request but don’t be disappointed if we can’t accommodate you as there are only 35 legal numbers and some age groups have up to 6 teams.

What happens if there is a number clash of playing tops?

The rule is the player that has been with the club the longest keeps the number. We try to assist players that need a swap but cannot guarantee a swap. It is the responsibility of that player to change number.

Do you have a second hand shop?

No, but if you would like to set one up, we would love to hear from you.