The Uniform Shop opening hours are as follows:

Date Day Opening Time Closing Time

Opening Hours : January, February, March & April 2018

FRI 26/1 Closed Closed
SUN 28/1 Closed Closed
FRI 02/2 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 04/2 8.00am 1.00pm
FRI 09/2 Closed Closed
SUN 11/2 Closed Closed
FRI 16/2 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 18/2 8.00am 12.30pm
FRI 23/2 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 25/2 8.00am 1.00pm
FRI 02/3 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 04/3 8.00am 1.00pm
FRI 09/3 Closed Closed
SUN 11/3 Closed Closed
FRI 16/3 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 18/3 8.00am 1.00pm
FRI 23/3 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 25/3 Closed Closed
FRI 30/3 Closed Closed
SUN 01/4 Closed Closed
FRI 06/4 Closed Closed
SUN 08/4 Closed Closed
FRI 13/4 Closed Closed
SUN 15/4 8.00am 1.00pm
FRI 20/4 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 22/4 8.00am 1.00pm
FRI 27/4 5.30pm 10.30pm
SUN 29/4 8.00am 1.00pm

After December 2017, the stadium will not re-open until Monday 22 January 2018.

Please Note: Opening times are subject to change, please keep an eye on the website and the shop door for updated times.